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          Mental Health and Well-being

          A variety of resources to support young people and their parents experiencing problems with mental health can be found 这里.
          志同道合的家庭 502 Bad Gateway
          headmeds is a website designed to give information relating to mental health conditions and medication.
          幼小的心灵 provides a wide range of resources for professional, pupils and parents.
          Tips for staying well during the exam period can be seen 这里。 这个 balanced butterfly activity is designed to help young people deal with the pressures of exams.
          Pooky博士knightsmith @pookyh
          Natasha Deveon @_natashadevon
          幼小的心灵 @youngmindsuk

          Self Help Recordings:

          502 Bad Gateway


          冷静下来在5分钟内 自助录音: 平衡蝴蝶 娜塔莎DEVON - Listen to this recording if you are feeling panicky, upset, angry, emotional or just need to calm down in general.

          5 Minute Mindfulness Meditation 

          Guided Visualisation for Unwinding and letting go of Stress 

          Help to Fall Asleep at Night 


          Relieve Tension in the Body - Aching muscles? Tension Headache? Feeling Uptight? Listen to this recording to help you relax your body and mind and relieve tension. 

          Learn to Relax - Guided Relaxation - Total mind and Body Relaxation. Start or end your day by giving yourself the gift of 20 minutes blissful relaxation. You're worth it!

          All Recordings made for 韦德布里奇学校 by Cornwall Hypno. 点击这里 欲获得更多信息。 

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