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          GCE 一个等级 English Literature

          Two years for A level (A2).

          WJEC/ Eduqas Board.
          Further details are available from their 网站

          Entry Requirements/Student Suitability:

          Course Content:


          Component 1 – 考试 – 2 hours minutes - 诗歌 (30%)

          Section A - 诗歌 pre 1900 (open book) - one two part question.

          Component 2 - 考试  2 hours 戏剧 (closed book) (30%)

          Section A Shakespeare - one two part question


          Component 3 : 考试 2 hours unseen texts (20%)

          Section A - Unseen prose - analysis of a passage.
          Section B - Unseen poetry analysis.

          Component 4: Coursework 3500 words (20%)

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          For further information and exemplar question papers see the WJEC 网站.

          Methods of Study:

          Independent reading

          Independent Study Time:

          Progression and the Future:
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          Subject Contacts:

           MR T读

          How to Apply:
          The Application Process begins in February of each year. Please contact Debbie Chick

          点击 这里 for a printable version of this subject specification.

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