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          The school library is a multimedia whole school resource which aims to support all staff and students by …. 

          • 配套课程
          • Encouraging independent learning
          • Assisting in the development of life long learning skills
          • Encouraging an enjoyment of books, reading and libraries
          • Developing the reading habit
          • Providing resources, guidance and accommodation for homework, study and revision tasks
          • Supporting students’ leisure interest


          • Most students use biotechnology to loan books from the library, an alternative library card is available if required.
          • T这里 is no limit on the number of physical  books students can borrow, e-books are limited to three loans and DVDs to one.
          • Overdue notices are issued fortnightly, the first four reminders  are emailed to students at their school email address,  fifth and subsequent reminders are sent home.
          • 我们不收的目的。

          Research, Information Literacy and Reading

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          Biometric letter all parents receive

          We are aware that some parents may not wish their children to be involved with this technology, if so, it is possible for them to remain with a library card for their membership details.
          The following details will hopefully answer any questions you may have:

        • The technology uses biometric recognition so no image is ever stored.
        • This system creates a mathematical template that contains fully secured identification information, just like any other identity number.
        • This data is encrypted and cannot be used in any other database.
        • It is not possible to recreate an image of the original scan from the data stored.
        • Once the borrower has left the record is deleted with all data.
        • Please indicate on the membership form if you agree to or decline this technology for your child


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