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          欢迎来到 商业研究

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          There are currently over 200 students studying the subject at Key Stage 4.



          Congratulations to the following GCSE students who won the Plymouth University 商业 Presentation Competition. (Erin Borrott, Sam Gough, Amy Crisp & Jim Sproull)  The students competed against 14 other teams from schools across Cornwall and they only had 2 hours to research and write their  presentation. The students said they chose the topic, “Can anybody be a successful entrepreneur?”  because they had studied entrepreneurs in GCSE 商业 lessons and had previous knowl边缘 of the subject.  They also felt they had improved their presentation skills and learnt how to work as an effective team against a tight deadline.   


          Key Stage 4 AQA GCSE 商业研究 (9-1)

          这里 is a link to the new specification. 


          Example exam papers and commentary are available.


          The following units are covered over the three years:

          • 3.1 商业 In Real World
          • 3.2 Influence On 商业
          • 3.3操作
          • 3.4 Human Resources
          • 3.5营销
          • 3.6财务

          这里 is the glossary of important key terms.

          A full revision guide covering the new syllabus has been issued to all students. 

          Further revision materials are available in shared area.

          Key Stage 4 OCR Cambridge National Enterprise & Marketing Level 1 & 2

          The examination board is OCR.   More details, including the full specification (syllabus) available at:


          OCR 商业研究 is a modular course made up of 3 units:

          • Enterprise and marketing concepts.

          Revision materials for OCR are available in shared area.

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